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Grand Prix Tournament Rules And Information 2009 – 2010

General Rules

  1. All participants must be currently registered in the Grand Prix Scholarship Program.

  2. Five divisions will be handicap. Handicap to be used will be 100% of 200. Entering average to be used is current average with a minimum of 5 league sessions or a prior ending league sheet. Every participant must bring a copy of their average verification with them to each tournament. If a bowler does not have a 5 session average or a past league average, bowler will use: Bumper - 75, Bantam - 50, Prep - 100, Junior - 125, Major/Senior - 145.

  3. There will be 5 handicap divisions. These will be based on the bowler's age as of August 1, 2009. These divisions are as follows:

    • Bumper - 3 thru 7 years (Boys and Girls)
    • Bantam - 8 years and under (Boys and Girls)
    • Preps - 9 thru ll years (Boys and Girls)
    • Juniors - 12 thru 14 years (Boys and Girls)
    • Majors/Seniors - 15 years and up (Boys and Girls)

  4. There will be one scratch division for Boys and one for Girls. This will be open to any age group.

  5. No substitutes will be allowed at any level of competition. Alternates will be allowed at the State Level only. An alternate must come from the Regional where the opening occurs.

  6. All entries and re-entries at the “Last Chance” Tournament will be $25. A $25 additional fee is required for those qualified to enter the State Finals. Bowlers in the Bumper division will pay $20 for the State Finals. There are no refunds at any level.

  7. Requested squad times will be filled on a first-come, first-serve basis.

  8. Check-in time is one hour prior to the scheduled squad time. (Not applicable for Mail-In Tournament)

  9. Suitable attire must be worn throughout the tournament. NO CAPS, HATS, SHORT SHORTS, TANK TOPS OR HALTER TOPS MAY BE WORN. Jeans or sweats must be presentable. For the Mail-In Tournament, suitable attire will be deferred to your youth director and house rules. All participants please use discretion. NO ALCOHOLIC, TOBACCO, SEXUAL, OR PROFANE ADVERTISEMENT WILL BE ALLOWED ON ANY ATTIRE OR EQUIPMENT. The Tournament Chairman shall determine the validity of any complaints.

  10. There will be no carry over pinfall at any level of tournament competition.

  11. Abuse of equipment and profanity will not be tolerated. Disqualification will result.

Regional Qualifying Rules

  • There have been a few changes to the schedule for the 2009-2010 Grand Prix year. Rather than having all bowlers across Southern California drive to one center which could be more than 100 miles away, we will now have 6 centers (one in each region) host the qualifying tournaments. These regional events will provide the opportunity for more bowlers to participate, as well as the economic benefits of saving on automobile expenses and also saving contestants and their families travel time.

    Listed below is a schedule of the four regular Grand Prix Singles Tournaments for the 2009-2010 year.
    • There will be two squads at each tournament site on both Saturday and Sunday.
    • Entry fees for 2009-2010 tournaments:
              First entry (at each tournament site) $25
              First re-entry (at each site) $20
              Second and third re-entries (at each site) $15
              Mail-in tournament $15 (including re-entries)

    Here are a few changes to the tournament qualifications:
    • The first place bowler in each division at each regional tournament site will automatically advance to the State Finals. Once the entry data and scores from all sites at each tournament are combined, 1 in every 10 bowlers in each division will advance to the State Finals. Bumper division bowlers will automatically advance to the State Finals.
    • Re-entry fees apply only at the center the bowler first enters. (Example: If a bowler bowls on Saturday at Bowlium and then bowls a subsequent squad at Yorba Linda the same weekend, re-entry fees do not apply. Bowler will pay $25 entry fee at each center.)
    • To qualify for perfect attendance, the bowler must attend all 4 regular tournaments and bowl in one of the 3 mail-in tournaments.
    • Bonus: Perfect attendance qualifiers will receive one free admission ticket to the annual banquet.
    • Mail-in tournament recaps from each tournament from all the Grand Prix centers are combined and the top 3 bowlers in each division will automatically advance to the State Finals. Additionally, after the first 10 bowlers in each division, 1 in 10 bowlers in each division will advance thereafter. Bumper division bowlers will automatically advance to the State Finals.

    Last Chance Tournament:
    • The Last Chance tournament is a tournament giving the bowlers a chance to advance to the State Finals and earn extra participation points.
    • Note: A bowler is welcome to register in the Grand Prix Scholarship Program at more than one participating bowling center. Same program details apply at all centers. If a bowler bowls at multiple centers, bowler must use the highest average of those centers regardless of where he/she is registered.


  • All divisions except Bumpers will bowl three games on the same pair, bumpers bowl two games on the same pair. (Exception: Mail-In Tournament participants will bowl their normal league format. In the event that your league bowls more than 3 games, the first three games are to be used. For any bumper bowlers that do not bowl 2 games in league format, under the supervision of the youth director, they will be allowed to bowl a second game that will not count towards their league and will only count towards the Mail-In Tournament. The only league types that cannot partici pate in the Mail-In Tournament are non-traditional leagues (i.e. No Tap, 369, etc.).

  • Re-entries are allowed at the Regional Qualifying Tournaments. Re-entries are also allowed for the Mail-In Tournaments, however, the $15 entry fee and entry form must be completed and turned in to the Grand Prix office and/or your Youth Director/Chairman prior to bowling.

  • Multiple participation is allowed in the handicapped and scratch divisions at the Regional, Last Chance and Mail-In Tournaments. a) If a bumper bowler bowls in a non-bumper division, they may not compete again in the bumper division. b) Bowlers participating in multiple divisions will advance to the State Finals in the highest qualifying division; i.e. qualifying in the scratch division must advance in the scratch division.

  • Alternates may be advanced to State Finals.

  • The Regional Qualifying Tournament Director will make all interpretations of these rules, and that person will be designated by the Foundation of BPASC. Decisions of the on-site tournament director will be final. All disputes must be settled within 24 hours of the event. Individual center policies will be followed. For the Mail-In Tournaments, the Tournament Director will be a person designated by the Bowling Center.

  • Average verification must be submitted with registration form at the time of check-in: a copy of a current ending league sheet or current average based on a minimum of 5 league sessions. These should be signed by the youth director.

Mail-In Tournaments

  1. These tournaments are prepay only. Sign-up and prepay with the Grand Prix Office or your Youth Director/Chairman. Under no circumstances will an entry be allowed if the youth has bowled prior to paying to enter the tournament.

  2. Re-entries for the second week are allowed and must be made prior to the start of the youth’s first game of league.

***dates subject to change