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The Bowling Centers of Southern California (BCSC) is a trade association that currently serves over 120 member bowling centers in Southern California, Nevada and Hawaii.

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January 17, 2021

Many California Bowling Centers are on the brink of permanent closure.  We need your help!

We can't wait any longer... America’s Independent Bowling Alleys Might Not Make It Through the Pandemic and our Centers in California have been hit the hardest! Eater just released an article over the weekend stating Alongside restaurants and bars, recreational spaces like bowling alleys are also feeling the pressures of indefinite COVID-19 closures”Please click here to read the full article. Of course, we all know that our Centers here in California have suffered the most. The Southern California Bowling centers have hired lobbyists and attorneys to fight Governor Newsom. These legal battles come at a very high cost at a time when proprietors are already suffering devastating losses.  It is time for all bowlers to fight for their right to bowl in a socially safe environment!!

Please share the following link with all your bowlers. As bowlers and proprietors, we all depend on centers to enjoy the sport that we love.  Please help us help fight to reopen bowling in California!

Please Donate and Share the link today!

Thank you!
Margot Gallardo
Executive Director – Bowling Centers of Southern California

November 10, 2020

As previously mentioned, the Department of Public Health is very concerned about indoor activities and the ability for a customer to spread the virus through mouth droplets (coughing, sneezing, and talking). The way to prevent this type of respiratory spread is by strict adherence to people wearing masks, socially distancing, and other mitigation protocols. The concern about indoor activities is that the air filtration system will pick up these droplets and then re-circulate these droplets to other areas within the facility, thus infecting a broader group of people.

During the call with the Department last week, our lobbyist spoke about how bowling centers have air filtration systems that were designed to remove smoke from where the bowlers are sitting/bowling; thus the removal of this harmful smoke could also apply to COVID-19 and respiratory droplets. However, they did not have any facts/evidence to back up the argument. It would be very helpful to hear that air systems that remove smoke from facilities are also useful for removing respiratory droplets from customers who are indoors. We need your help, this type of data/expert information does not exist, therefore, anything from a report, study, airflow/HVAC expert, etc. would be helpful.

We want to be able to understand what that metric means and then decide if that information is helpful. Unfortunately, the Department does not know yet which air systems are good and which are bad. We need to be able to demonstrate bowling centers have a good air system and with that air system along with mitigation tools, we are safe to reopen under higher tiers (Red and Purple).

What other information can we use?

Although this information may be harder to come by, knowing the types of HVAC systems currently used in each center would be extremely helpful. For example, does your center have a similar system to remove smoke? If not, do these systems re-circulate air within the facility?

Re: Digital Efforts - In one week, we have had 754,000+ impressions on our digital ad. I will continue to update you as we move forward. We have added “ventilation” to the checklist as the number 2 item immediately following item number one: “masks” after the meeting with Health Officials last week.  We wanted to communicate that we heard the message loud and clear. Please see the attached SacBee screenshots of banner ads attached.

This roll-out has been narrowly targeted to State decision-makers in and around the Capitol. The idea is to amplify our message to key officials and lay the groundwork for the meeting the lobbyist team will continue having with State health officials. We want them to see that we understand their priorities are our priorities: Safety, Science, and Health.

We want everyone to be aware of what steps we can take right now. Please make sure that you embed the following link to your center websites, follow and share our social media pages through both your personal and business pages. Tag and forward the following links to anyone that you feel needs to see our message.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you!
Margot Gallardo
Executive Director – Bowling Centers of Southern California



Read Jason and Jodi's story here.


October 9, 2020
letter to Governor, Gavin Newsom

September 11, 2020

Attached you will find the final report prepared and submitted by our lobbyist on September 11th to both the Governor’s office and the Department of Public Health.

A big Thank You to you,  BPAA, and the Northern California Association. With everyone’s help, there was enough information and data to put this report together. Due to the amount of material received, not everything sent over was included. However as you will see yourself, the report is very in-depth and persuasive. It is encouraged that you use this same report when communicating with your local county health officials and departments.

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The Bowling Centers of Southern California (BCSC) is a trade association that currently serves over 120 member bowling centers in Southern California, Nevada and Hawaii. The mission of the BCSC is to leverage the buying power of the membership and to promote bowling by offering a myriad of entertaining bowling products and services.


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